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Internet Accelerator

Install the Internet Accelerator

Click "Run" to execute the installation right after the download is completed or double click the saved installation file, "propelset.exe", to start the process.

The setup wizard will be launched (as shown on the right), then click "Next"


Click "Accept" the license agreement.


You can change the installation directory and startup menu folder as desired, or just simply leave them as the default, then click "Next"


Now, you can click "Start Using..." to launch the Internet accelerator right away, or "Exit Setup" to close the wizard and launch the accelerator later.


When you launch the Internet Accelerator, it will require you to login with your Sowega username and password. You can check the option of "Save password" to avoid the login requirement the next time.


Also at the first time the Internet Accelerator is launched, the browser will open the QuickTour guide. Please read through it to find out some of the excellent features this new version of Internet Accelerator can provides.

You can also click here to open the QuickTour guide now.

Notice: If you are already a broadband (such as DSL or Cable modem) user, the Internet Accelerator will automatically disable itself when it detect a high data transmission speed.

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