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Internet Tools

Here are the links to some very useful (and most of them are free) internet applications. Since they are freeware and developed by distributors not associated with, no obligated tech support is provided by and doesn't carry any liability for the use of the software. Be aware that you are at your own risk for all consequences. However, please still feel free to contact our tech support department if you have questions. We will do our best to assist you without violating the policy.

Web Browsers: Google Chrome - Firefox - Microsoft Edge - Opera - Brave


Email Clients: Thunderbird - Microsoft Outlook - Gmail

Security: Malwarebytes - Avast - Kaspersky - Bitdefender

E-Mail SMTP Settings:

  • Incoming Server (POP):

  • Outgoing Server (SMTP):

Internet Tools
Dial-Up Service

Dial-up access uses the existing regular telephone lines. Your computer must be equipped with either an internal or an external dial-up modem.

In addition to the basic Sowega Benefits, Sowega Dial-Up Service also features

Dial-Up Service
Dedicated Access

Dedicated broadband access, as opposed to shared access, provides your own line to the Internet. This means that the subscriber is not affected by heavy traffic on the immediate broadband network. offers two types of decicated accesses:




Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line is a form of DSL that transfers data upstream and downstream at symmetric rates of up to 2 Mbps over a single copper twisted-pair line. This type of service is an ideal choice for businesses because that customers pulling information from your site will actually receive it at a much faster rate. Since it is provided over a dedicated line, SDSL won't carry a voice dialtone.




T1 offer a transmission speed up to 1.544 Mbps. With different underlying technologies, T1 lines are more easily repeated to cover distances beyond SDSL lines.

Dedicated Access
Domain Hosting

With domain hosting service, you can get your own unique domain name for personal email address and web address.


Virtual Domain Email Hosting

  • multiple email accounts @[your-domain]

  • email aliases

  • server storage space for online mails


Virtual Web Hosting

  • your own web address (URL), http://www.[your-domain]

  • server space for your web pages

  • server side includes

  • FrontPage extensions

  • web statistics

Domain Hosting
Static IP Address

Please call for pricing and availability of static IP addresses.

Static IP Address
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